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June in Maltese History

By: Mona Vella-Nicholas

September 5, 1566 --- Suleiman the Magnificent, ruler of the Ottoman empire and mastermind of the Great Siege of Malta, dies at the age of 71. He is born on November 6,1494. In 1520, at the age of 26, he takes over the Ottoman throne on the death of his father. He goes on to rule for 46 years, during which time he amasses many great victories in the Mediterranean area (except for Malta, of course, which is a humiliating defeat for Suleiman and the Ottoman empire).

September 10, 1943 --- The Italian fleet arrives in Malta, two days after surrendering to the Allied forces in Italy. On September 9, the Italian fleet sets sail for Malta in order to formally surrender to Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham, the admiral of the fleet in Malta. The Germans are furious over the Italian surrender. They send a squadron of planes to attack the Italian fleet while it is en route to Malta and manage to sink one of the ships, the Roma. All 1,253 crew members aboard the Roma die. The rest of the ships, ten in all, make it to Malta under escort of the Royal Navy.

Maltese Last Names
Is your name Gregory? If so, you may be interested in knowing where your last name comes from. Gregory is of English origin. It started out as a first name, originating from the Greek word "Gregorios" , meaning "watchful" or "alert." There are several Catholic saints whose first name was Gregory. It eventually became a last name in England. The name appeared for the first time in Malta in the 19th century, when English males with that last name married Maltese women.


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