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April in Maltese History

By: Mona Vella-Nicholas

April 1942 --- The 47 Maltese who have been exiled to Uganda in February under suspicion of being pro-Italian file an appeal. The Maltese Court of Appeals sides with the exiles; however, the 47 remain incarcerated in Uganda for almost three more years. They are finally allowed to return to Malta in March of 1945.

April 9, 1942 --- Mosta's Rotunda Church is bombed by German aircraft. It is a Thursday afternoon and over 250 people have gathered in the church for the weekly Holy Hour devotion. The first bomb ruptures the dome, hits a fresco of Jesus and the Apostles.

Maltese Last Names
Is your name Debono? If so, you might be interested in knowing where your name comes from. Debono is of Italian origin. "Bono" was used as a first name in parts of Italy. It comes from the Latin "bonus", which means "good" or "kind." In modern Italian, it can also mean "good-natured." The last name dates back to the 15th century in Malta.


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