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June in Maltese History

By: Mona Vella-Nicholas

June 29, 1749 --- A plot to assassinate Grand Master Pinto de Fonseca is hatched by Muslim slaves. The date for the assassination is planned for June 29th, 1749. Someone leaks the plan to the knights, so the assassination attempt never takes place. Instead, the Muslim slaves who had planned the operation are arrested. Most are executed. This event is today called "The Revolt of the Slaves" or "The Conspiracy of the Slaves."

June 7, 1919 --- The price of bread, a staple in the Maltese diet, has risen to intolerable levels. The people rise up in protest. As students join in the protest, it becomes violent. British soldiers monitoring what has become a riot shoot into the crowd of protesters. Four Maltese are killed. The event becomes known as the "Sette Giugno" (7th of June) protest.

Maltese Last Names
Is your name Deguara? If so, you might be interested in knowing where your name comes from. Deguara is of Spanish origin. There is a place in Spain called "Sierra de Guara", so this last name refers to someone from that place. The last name also exists in Italy. In Malta, this surname was also spelled "Diguara" or "(Di) Givara" in the past.


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