Club News

A Message From Our President

January 29, 2023

On behalf of the outgoing 2022 Board and the 2023 Board members, thank you for being here today. I want to thank the outgoing Board for the support you gave me throughout the year.

By now, most of you know who I am...a first-generation San Francisco born Maltese American who is so very proud of her heritage. I was very blessed that, like so many of you, my parents taught me to know how important it was to be Maltese. I appreciate that I spoke Maltese and did not learn to speak English until the nuns at St. Paul of the Shipwreck taught me. I love that my children and grandchildren share that pride as well and identify so much with being Maltese.

The past year was a very fulfilling one for me. I learned so many things as I maneuvered through my first year as President. I want to thank everyone for all the encouragement and support. I especially am so happy that I was able to get to know so many more of you.

I am pleased that so many new members joined last year. I am hopeful that all of our members recognize the importance of attending our meetings and also the events we have planned. When we connect with each other, we share stories that not only connect us to our lives here but also to Malta and Gozo.

Just as when I took office in January 2022, I am excited about the year ahead. I hope that you continue to support me but, even more importantly, the Club. Please think of ways to volunteer for events or other opportunities that come up. There is always something that is of importance. We should not have to rely on the same individuals. Invite friends to attend our functions with you and, if they are not members but are eligible, encourage them to join. Be boastful about who we are. Everyone’s involvement is necessary if we are to continue to thrive.

As the saying goes, “my door is always open.” Do not hesitate to contact me with suggestions, questions or issues that are of concern to you. We can only continue to progress with everyone’s help and ideas. Change is inevitable but, with all of us working together, the Club will continue to be a place that welcomes all of us.

Grazzi hafna! Viva Malta!

Message from the Honorary Consul General of Malta, Louis Vella

Greetings dear friends of the Maltese American Social Club and the Maltese Community in California. Summer is around the corner and with it comes the planning of vacation and maybe a trip to our lovely island of Malta. I wish everyone safe travels and enjoyable vacations.

His Excellency the President of Malta: Earlier this year we received word that His Excellency, Dr. George Vella, President of Malta was planning a visit to San Francisco. Preparations were already on the way, but unfortunately the travel schedule could not accommodate the added time needed for the President to fly to the West Coast to visit us. The President had to limit his visit to Detroit, New York, and Toronto. The Maltese communities in those regions have really stepped up and gave the President of Malta a most warm and wonderful welcome and grand receptions. The Maltese communities arranged for visits to very interesting places such as the Henry Ford Museum which has a lot of connections to Maltese workers at the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, the September 11 Memorial in New York, and many other interesting sites. Hopefully our great and terrific Maltese community in California will have a chance to do the same in the future.

Always remember that, it is not what we take but what we give that make us rich.