Club News

A Message From Our President

The New Year's Eve Dinner Dance was well attended and a very good time was had by all. The food was great and the DJ did a wonderful job in keeping everyone dancing. Thanks to Karen Borg and all those who helped to make this event so enjoyable. Thanks go to Helen and Tony Caruana who donated a big bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey, to Janet Frendo for the three gift packs and to Carmen Deguara for the box of candy. All these gifts were raffled together with a Samsung 24-inch television. Thanks to Gillu for taking care of the bar and his wife Josie for selling the raffle tickets, to all who served, collected the dishes and cleaned up the club after the party. Thanks a lot!

The Board of Directors has unanimously agreed that non-members, when attending Club functions as guests of members, will be charged a slightly higher price. The St. Patrick’s Day Dinner on March 17th will reflect the change. This will be a benefit to the members in good standing and will be an incentive to other Maltese and those who qualify to become members of our great organization. This will not have any effect on children and young adults, under 18 years of age, since they do not qualify to become members.

The Bylaws Revision Committee has been meeting and are asking all the members to give them their input regarding what changes they would like to see made to our bylaws. Once they finish their work, the Board of Directors will review the changes, make any necessary recommendations and call a special General Membership Meeting so that the members can vote on them.

I know that this is very early but, believe it or not, in 2019 our Club will celebrate its 90th Anniversary! The Grievance Committee will be formed soon and the names will be announced as soon as possible.

Thank you and best regards to all.


Message from the Honorary Consul General of Malta, Louis Vella

Hon Consul General (HCG) Louis J. Vella was unable to attend the January 28th General Meeting as he is in Malta. However, he sent us the following message which Mona Vella Nicholas read to the members: Greetings from Malta. Today, Saturday January 27th, is the feast of St. Paul Shipwreck, celebrated in a big way in Valletta. This Festa is considered a National Feast. The weather is good and the Festa was celebrated with great pomp.

While in Malta, I hope to have more discussions with the office of the President to close the negotiations and proceed with the plans for a visit by the President of Malta to California in the very near future. I have already received a message that the President of Malta was really touched by the sweet messages she received from our Maltese American children, earlier this month.

I will also continue to have talks with the Malta Passport Office about the next session for the processing of Maltese passports in my office in Millbrae. Most of the 50 passports that were processed last November have arrived and handed to the applicants. Only a few are left and I hope these will be finalized in the next weeks.

When I was 9 years old, I started attending school in Valletta, the capital city of Malta. From the beginning, I developed a special love for this beautiful city. I have to admit that I have never seen this magnificent city more beautiful than it is now Valletta in 2018 is the capital city for culture for all of Europe. The official opening of Valletta ’18 took place last week but special celebrations will continue throughout the year. Valletta is truly worth a visit in 2018.

All the best from Malta. I miss you all.